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Sun Aug 05, 2018 7:57 pm
Forum: Hardware
Topic: Is there hardware tape emulator for Zeddies?
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Re: Is there hardware tape emulator for Zeddies?

McKlaud wrote:
Sun Aug 05, 2018 6:05 pm
Yes it is and is called TZXDuino
See -

Currently out of stock though, although I am sure Piotr (Zaxon) will make some more if you ask him :D
Fri Jun 15, 2018 6:27 am
Forum: Software
Topic: Spectrum Sabre Wulf microdrive
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Re: Spectrum Sabre Wulf microdrive

I seem to recall that someone was making these (and other microdrive versions of Speccy games) and selling them on ebay some years ago.
Sun May 20, 2018 9:14 pm
Forum: Hardware
Topic: Third party keyboard
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Re: Third party keyboard

adonet wrote:
Sun May 20, 2018 7:09 pm
Yet another one for on the ZX81 membrane keyboard. Bought in Utrecht in 1984. I don't know who made it.
That is a Filesixty keyboard - basically a rubber mat similar to the original Spectrum which sticks on top of the original ZX81 membrane.
Sun May 20, 2018 11:58 am
Forum: Development
Topic: New ZX81 game in development - Mage: The Enchanted Crystals
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Re: [NEW ZX81 GAME IN DEVLOPMENT] - Mage: The Enchanted Crystals

Unfortunately, there is no option since the EU (and various other countries around the world) have brought in tax on digital items. The main issue is that the EU and one or two other countries did not use a minimum threshold, so as soon as someone sells something digitally for €1 they have to work o...
Thu May 17, 2018 4:49 pm
Forum: Development
Topic: SD Card Duplication
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SD Card Duplication

If anyone is making games for ZXPand etc and is interested, I have now acquired an SD card duplicator and can duplicate SD cards at £1 per card (plus postage) - obviously you need to supply the cards at that price :)

It is certainly quicker than making them one at a time via my PC card reader
Sun May 13, 2018 10:55 pm
Forum: Development
Topic: New ZX81 game in development - Mage: The Enchanted Crystals
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Welcome back to the fold - it has been a while since I came across anything you had written and you have produced some really nice games - I loved the ZX81 ones :D
Mon May 07, 2018 10:31 am
Forum: Hardware
Topic: Help with my new Spectrum
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Re: Help with my new Spectrum

The simplest and most obvious question is to check that you have connected the ear lead correctly - it needs to be on the output from the cassette and plugged into the EAR socket on the Spectrum. Volume on a cassette player needs to be around 80% of max - you should be able to hear the loading sound...
Fri May 04, 2018 8:58 am
Forum: Hardware
Topic: Dead 128k +3
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Re: Dead 128k +3

No - the drive LED only comes on during access - check the cable connection to the 3" drive.
Thu Apr 26, 2018 7:55 pm
Forum: Sinclair Misc
Topic: Rick Dickinson passes away
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Re: Rick Dickinson passes away

I too was surprised by his passing - he was always approachable and seemed surprised by how much enthusiasm there was for his designs. Personally, I owe my business to Rick, in that it was the design and pleasure of getting out the ZX81 and later the QL from its box; which kept me interested in comp...
Tue Apr 17, 2018 6:49 pm
Forum: Software
Topic: Cronosoft ZX81 Titles
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Cronosoft ZX81 Titles

I can see that Cronosoft have listed two ZX81 cassettes on sellmyretro -

Titles are:
Lazy Frog

Has anyone played these?