Sinclair Scientific calculator

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Sinclair Scientific calculator

Post by roganjosh »

Having recently received a gift of a TI DataMath/Sinclair Scientific hardware emulator kit I built it yesterday (it's largely a SMD build).

It works nicely (you hold key 7 whilst powering-up for Sinclair Scientific mode). What prompted me to post is that the web site links to a fascinating short history plus reverse-engineering of the Sinclair Scientific by Ken Shirriff. ... lator.html

As well as technical details it also has a software emulator at the top which shows the opcodes being used during the internal calculations.

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Re: Sinclair Scientific calculator

Post by Moggy »

I have always liked reading Ken Shirriff's works especially his reverse z80 engineering pages and the calculator emulator page is very good and informative.

These pages are also quite good I think.. ... -down.html ... ow-it.html
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Re: Sinclair Scientific calculator

Post by marste »

Red this post by chance but very very interesting link!
Nice story, nice engineering work and nice emulator (with on/off switch as a cherry)! :)
Thank you for sharing!
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