Nice to Help Save someones Prized ZX81 ;)

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Nice to Help Save someones Prized ZX81 ;)

Post by amigaman07 » Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:52 am

Hi All.

It is a Nice Feeling when you help someone to Save their Prized ZX81 Computer ;)

I had a Spare Working ZX81 ULA, that I did not require, so I decided to sell it on fleabay.

I sold it the other week, to someone in Croatia.

Ivan, was the purchaser, and he was Happy when he got it, Installed it and it WORKED!

He sent me back some Pics of his Computer WORKING again, with my former ULA installed!

Message from Ivan...

"Hello, just arrived, works fine. ;)" "Thanks a lot."



I just took pictures. ;) I had two non working zx81 (one with broken ULA, second one with broken CPU) and I assembled one working from two. Now, I have two working. ;)

I need keyboard for second one, but on have few sellers who are selling membranes for zx81. ;)

Best regards,


Darren (amigaman07)

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