Z80 CPU part number cross reference

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Z80 CPU part number cross reference

Post by RetroTechie » Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:21 pm

Hello all,

I've compiled an overview that (apart from speed and package) includes all Z80 CPU's you're likely to come across. Including 100% plug-in compatibles, NOT including almost-compatibles-with-a-few-added-pins, or pin-compatible-with-internal-additions (read: that are not a 100% functional equivalent). Meant to quickly answer 2 questions:
  • I've got type number XYZ for a Z80 CPU, what technology / speed / package is it?
  • I want an XYZ technology / speed / package Z80 CPU, what manufacturers of that exist & what part number(s) should I be Googling for?
Z80 CPU part number cross reference.zip
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Any additions / corrections are welcomed! File zipped up because otherwise not accepted as attachment...

Some interesting findings:
  • There exists a low power Zilog Z80 named the Z8300, beside CMOS versions. 1 (!) or 2.5 MHz, not even clear whether it's NMOS (die shrink?) or an early CMOS part. Even a 1.5 MHz part is documented but doesn't seem to have made it out into the wild.
  • There exists a Z80 that includes a 2KB block of SRAM but is still pin compatible to regular Z80's (Zilog Z84C50). Looks like a fun part to play with, but due to some internal I/O ports that control how the SRAM is mapped, it's not a 100% drop-in Z80 equivalent. Nearly impossible to find actual specimens, too. :cry:
  • 2.5 MHz CMOS Z80's exist, but are generally rare. CMOS Z80's in ceramic package exist as well - also rare.
  • Some Z80's come in a ceramic package known as "frit seal". It's what's known from UV EPROMs but without the transparent window. Probably more rare than other ceramic packages. This was a common package for industrial / military 8080 CPU's.
  • There's not a single PLCC part in my personal collection. The only 2.5 MHz parts I have are East German clones (UB880D). Even the 5 :) ceramic Z80's I own (including one Mostek) are all 4 MHz parts.
  • Sharp has a few CMOS Z80's that don't include the power down mode all other mfr's CMOS Z80's have.
  • Z80 QFP packages come in different sizes. Thicker / thinner, short legs / longer legs, ... Toshiba ones are strange.
  • Toshiba has some Z80's in a 40 pin SOP package that's even smaller than original Zilog QFP package! 8-) Used on some arcade boards among others.
  • Despite being at the Z80's birth cradle, Mostek never produced CMOS Z80's. And they're really lousy at consistency in their part markings... :lol:
  • Zilog is the only one who produced 10 or 20 MHz Z80's. Sharp and Toshiba seem to be the only ones ever producing 2.5 MHz CMOS Z80's (in any significant numbers, that is).
  • Toshiba Z80's only come in CMOS.

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Re: Z80 CPU part number cross reference

Post by Andy Rea » Thu Jul 05, 2018 11:47 pm

most interesting, dont know whether i'll ever use the imformation however i apprciate the time and effort gone into creating the table.

Regards andy
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