Load programs via PC to TS1000

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Load programs via PC to TS1000

Post by GCHarder »


Short demo of OTLA 2.2 app. which is available here...

https://code.google.com/archive/p/otla/downloads, Official version?

http://retro.lisias.net/computing/misc/otla/, Unofficial version?

I've never seen this app before, but it looks pretty useful.


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Re: Load programs via PC to TS1000

Post by XavSnap »

Hi Greg,

No, probably a mirrored binary file (win32).
Please don't bother the author for any bugs, this version is mine. Bash my arse if something goes wrong using the email support at lisias dot net .

Vb81 can generate an OTLA file using SAVE"MYFILE.FL"

Have fun.
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Re: Load programs via PC to TS1000

Post by diskman »

Heh. Thats a video I made the other day! I too just discovered OTLA while browsing YouTube videos on the 1000/ZX81. Some guy was using it.

Some quick tips on using OTLA I have found.

Your source PC/Laptop MUST have enough audio output for the program to load. My EEEPC and newer Lenovo laptop don't seem to have a loud enough audio. An older VAIO and DELL seem to work great!
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Re: Load programs via PC to TS1000

Post by marste »

In order to load programs I was required to preprocess the audio file amplifying it!
I used audacity, but everything might fit
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