3D Monster Maze - Commented Disassembly

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3D Monster Maze - Commented Disassembly

Post by Fruitcake » Mon Nov 28, 2016 10:06 pm

A fully commented disassembly of 3D Monster Maze is now available here allowing you to discover exactly how this classic game works.

And using this I have created a conversion of the game for the 48K Spectrum, which can be found here.

The conversion uses the original code re-assembled 16K higher in memory so that it clears the Spectrum's display file. The code has been patched so that whenever the ZX81 display file gets updated its contents are rendered into an equivalent image in the Spectrum's display file. This approach allows the Spectrum to run Malcolm Evans' actual code to achieve an experience as close as possible to the ZX81 original.

A video of the converted game can be found on YouTube.

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