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Andy Rea
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scrolling text...

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I got totally off track when playing with ideas for something else.... and wondered what the record is for concurrent text scrollers on the ZX81.

1? 2? 3? what about 24!!! at 50FPS ( or 60 )
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its pretty hard to read at that speed so here's a slowed down version at just 12.5FPS ( or 15 )
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i have an idea for a way to do 48 scrollers :o but that would only work with a custom font so udg would be required for that...

regards Andy

dr beep
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Re: scrolling text...

Post by dr beep »

Since max Y-lines is 240 your characters would be 5 lines. Add a blanc line for seperation between scrollers.
You need a font that fits in 4 lines. I made a font in 3 lines, but needed a 4th for the letter G.
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