Preserving ZX81 titles

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Preserving ZX81 titles

Post by ranma_simon »

I recently found a lot of MIA's tapes and, after dumping all my QL and Sam Coupè stuff, I will try to restard dumping all too.

I was thinking...there is a ZX81 TAPE COPIER like a LERM or THE KEY or BS COPY for the Speccy?

Many tapes have really LOW signal and I've 2 "Square waves" tapes that I can use to remaster is.

Is it possible with 16k?

Or I can simple make a MERGE "" and the save the tape content on the tape?

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Re: Preserving ZX81 titles

Post by 1024MAK »

If you have a ‪ZXpand‬, there is ‪ZXpand tape scrape‬ which will capture most tape programs and store on a SD card.


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Re: Preserving ZX81 titles

Post by sirmorris »

There is some work happening at the moment which may well result in a device which can assist with loading tricky tapes. Fingers crossed.

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