Loading .SCR on the zx81

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Loading .SCR on the zx81

Post by xubuntu »

What's the way to load a .SCR file into the zx81 ?

I found a document that says that there 2 ways, 1 way with basic + assembly and 1 way with only basic as stated below.

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let x = peek 16396+256*peek 16397
let x = x + 1
let a$ = "picture.scr; "+str$ x
load a$
But I guess I have to include the picture.scr file into the bundle, don't I ?

So how do I create a .p file that contains the .bas file with the above code, and the "picture.scr" ?
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Re: Loading .SCR on the zx81

Post by mrtinb »

I don't think you can do it in Basic, except if it is in an emulator, that has a special feature for this. Maybe VB81_XuR is your best option here.
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Re: Loading .SCR on the zx81

Post by XavSnap »

10 PAUSE 4E4
30 GOTO 30
RUN & put the SCR file in the D_File + press a key to save it.

The D_File had to be expended (16k).

the second way to display a "scr" file is to patch a blank "P" file using the VB81 file explorer window.
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