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ZXPand ROM Version

Post by tokabln »


Schombi from the German ZX Team mentioned that he received a ZXPand with ROM Version 6.7.
I do have version V6.6 installed but can't find V6.7. at sinclairzxworld yet.
Can you give some updates about the differences and if there is any plan to make it available for download, please?

Many thanks and have a nice Christmas time.
Kind regards Torsten (Berlin)
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Re: ZXPand ROM Version

Post by sirmorris »

6.7 is functionally identical to 6.6, and as I explained to stefan the labelling is only the result of my economy ;) I have a large number of 6.6 stickers which I use because there is no reason not to :D

If there is a functional difference in any new version then I will be sure to post the updated binary here ;)
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