Floppy Days Podcast - call for co-host(s)

A place to discuss the ZX80's and ZX81's younger brother - the Sinclair ZX Spectrum
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Floppy Days Podcast - call for co-host(s)

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Hi, guys. I'm doing an upcoming series of episodes on the Floppy Days Podcast (floppydays.com) on the ZX Spectrum. First up will be a couple of shows on the history of the machine (including an interview with John Grant of Nine Tiles).

I need volunteers to co-host the other episodes, covering such topics as tech specs, peripherals, books, magazines, ads, emulators, community, Web sites, modern upgrades, buying one today.

It doesn't pay, but it's a lot of fun. You guys know way more about the machine that I do. Can you help me make sure the episodes are the best they can be for such a wonderful machine?!


Randy Kindig
host Floppy Days Podcast
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