Retro Arcade Collection - ZX Spectrum 48K

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Retro Arcade Collection - ZX Spectrum 48K

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These games started as a diversion during some unexpected free time in 2020... And quickly grew from an experiment in Z80 assembler, to a collection of arcade inspired games and a Windows / Linux compatible ZX emulation engine complete with CRT simulation, screen curvature and phosphor persistence. The games have been updated with some feature additions, and I'm now re-launching them with a re-designed website, online playable demos, and free demo versions to download. Compatible with original 48K ZX machines, emulators, or playable as standalone games for Windows or Linux PCs (no emulator required).


  • Audio files for loading into original 48K ZX machines.
  • .tap and .tzx files (with or without custom loader) for emulators / SDCard loaders.
  • Windows or Linux compatible game (no emulator necessary) with CRT simulation for extra retro goodness.
  • Fully redefinable keys.
  • Kempston compatible (other e.g. cursor joysticks supported via redefinable key options).
  • Free demos.
If you haven't already tried these (or even if you have) I encourage anyone and everyone to give them a try. They're stupidly addictive and great fun to play. Full versions are available for a relatively small price - to keep the site running and cover the cost of making the games available. More at:

(Demo versions even include a QR code so in a quite surreal, turn of events you can buy the full game direct from your ZX Spectrum using your phone :) )
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