8300 Machine Code demo: how to move a dot around

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8300 Machine Code demo: how to move a dot around

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Martin inspired me to port my movedot demo to the Lambda 8300, it's better with the Lambda's superior race car character

Last year I shared this demo, but couldn't remember how to assemble it. So this is more complete instructions. Machine language programming for Lambda 8300 is really not much more difficult than the ZX81, it's just a little different

requires 2K Lambda 8300

Assembly file for NOCASH a22 assembler
(9 KiB) Downloaded 201 times

tested on Windows 8.1 with NOCASH v2.0 emulator

1. open NO$ZX.EXE
2. On the Utility menu, click "Assemble File"
3. open movedot_LAMBDA_2K_nozx.asm
If no error messages, a BIN file is created
4. Rename the BIN file to .p file (this is optional, but allows it to be found easier)
* movedot_LAMBDA_2K_nozx.BIN
* movedot_LAMBDA_2K_nozx.BIN.p

CONFIGURE the NOCASH emulator to run Lambda 8300 program
1. Start NO$ZX
2. On the Options menu, click "Emulation Setup"
3. In the "Sinclair ZX Model" list, click "Lambda 8300 (ZX81 revision)"
4. In the "RAM Size" list click 2K or 16K
5. Click OK

RUN the file with NOCASH emulator
1. On the File menu, click "Cassette menu (Directory)"
2. Click the "Run" option button
3. Open "movedot_LAMBDA_2K_nozx.BIN.p"
It runs!
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