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Reviving Lambda / Power 3000 tape

Posted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 7:34 pm
by Ælfstangard

I am trying to clean up a Power 3000 tape in order to load it into the EighyOne emulator. I have been able to revive old Timex/Sinclair 1000 tapes using Adobe Audition but I had the the advantage of documentation and diagrams to guide me. To get to the chase: I have no idea what the format for Power 3000 cassette saves is and so far I have found no documentation. I have converted my tape to a WAV 48kH file I have no idea by looking at it what is data and what is garbage. Any help would be welcome. Thank you all in advance.


Re: Reviving Lambda / Power 3000 tape

Posted: Tue Sep 23, 2014 9:27 am
by David G
Reportedly the tape format is almost the same as a ZX81. See ... bda#p14001

Re: Reviving Lambda / Power 3000 tape

Posted: Tue Sep 23, 2014 11:45 am
by sirmorris
Hi Ælfstangard,

if you could share the wav file then I'm sure people will take a look at it. I know there are a number of members of the sister forum who have this machine. Go and say hello there and the friendly team will be able to help, I'm sure!

Oh - and Welcome aboard!


Re: Reviving Lambda / Power 3000 tape

Posted: Tue Sep 23, 2014 3:12 pm
by Ælfstangard
Hi Everyone...

Thank you for the welcome. I would be more than happy to share the WAV file. At this moment, I don't have the file at hand to attach. I shall upload it later. I also have a number of original ZX81 programs written by members of the local Timex/Sinclair User Group that I would also be willing to share.

Has anyone had any success at all loading a Lambda tape into the EightyOne emulator? I'm beginning to suspect that this function may be broken for the Lambda emulation. I typed the beginners "Hello World" program in the Lambda emulator and saved it to a WAV file but the saved program totally refused to reload. In fact, EightyOne locked up so badly that the only way out was to reboot my PC. The only way I was able to save and reload a program was in TZX format.

Thank you all in advance for your help,


Re: Reviving Lambda / Power 3000 tape

Posted: Wed Feb 03, 2016 5:03 pm
by stefano
Try insisting with EightyOne forcing "the wave recorder" mode for both the load and save traps.
Open the "WAV LOADER" tool, press "RECORD", then enter the BASIC SAVE command.
Looking forward your original WAV dump, I never heard one :)
If possible please keep it in a MONO file, in an enough high resolution, no extra sound processing.. I'm sure that many of us have their own opinion on how to digitally filter it (if ever).