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VULCAN EXPANSION PACK - now with even MORE content

Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2015 7:14 pm
by Daniel Baines
Download link here: ... sp=sharing

(REMEMBER: READ THE README. Its a beta and has some bugs on the menu screen and the 'Torch' map. On the vast majority of content, gameplay is not affected. Please note that if allied AI crashes during the El Alamein scenario, go to 2 player, try not to look, press enter on all his troops, then go back to one player. The problem should be fixed.)

So what's new in this release? This release now includes a new campaign - Operation Herkules, the invasion of Malta! This was not included in the first release, as it was a work in progress at the time, and was the only planned scenario to not historically take place.

Surprisingly, it came out quite well. I feared it would be rubbish because the map is SO small, and there are so many troops to manouver around. Its tight, but it does allow for some very interesting tactical options! I just played as axis, then allies, and it was indeed immense fun. For once, its harder to be allies than axis.

Malta map notes: Supplies will not flow or troops will not land if landing and supply vicinities are clogged, captured, or not clear from enemy fire. Allied supplies originate from main port peninsula on the right of the main island. Axis supplies originate from the bays in the very south and very north. The game lasts 45 turns.

Re: VULCAN EXPANSION PACK - now with even MORE content

Posted: Thu Aug 06, 2015 10:50 pm
by Daniel Baines
Now on to version 5. Fixes ALL bugs with unit ordering and ALL bugs with date displays. Bugs have been removed from readme. ... sp=sharing

Re: VULCAN EXPANSION PACK - now with even MORE content

Posted: Fri Aug 07, 2015 1:56 pm
by IanB
This must have been a major project Daniel!

Re: VULCAN EXPANSION PACK - now with even MORE content

Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2015 7:39 pm
by Daniel Baines
OK onto version 6. ... sp=sharing

Please note this is the FINAL VERSION. There will be no more, as all work has moved to the East Africa Expansion Pack. The only way there will ever be a version 7 is if I fix some really inconsequential things, like a 4 square trunk road on the Rommel map. Not really worth it, considering it would mean reprogramming the entire road network, which already works fine as it is.

I went through all the scenarios with a fine toothcomb. This is it, and how it will now stay.

Updates are as follows:

Compass: made Arab forces graphics point in the default Axis direction for 'Vulcan' (which is to the left, despite this map having Axis attacking to the right. Its for consistency.)
Fixed the 'z' in Catanzaro Division
Updated instructions on how to win in the briefings file.

Beda Fomm: Updated the way to win. Points are no longer awarded only for Benghazi and the Axis entry point. The original points scoring system was not working, because there weren't enough Axis troops to kill to enable an Allied win.

Battleaxe: Added XIII Corps HQ

Crusader: Added XIII Corps HQ and Corpo d'Armata X. All 3 Corpo units are now in correct start positions. Added the feature of 90th light division completing its conversion to a motorised formation when its last Panzergrenadier unit appears.

El Alamein: Added a few more days to allow the Axis more time to build strength and win. Fixed bug in scoring system that was causing Allies to win even if they don't do anything. Default victory condition is now a draw. (It messed up when I was fixing unit ordering in memory. Moving things around caused the program to think some Axis forces had been lost, and awarded too many points to Allies by default.)

Moved 90th Light Division HQ and Ariete armoured division HQ around in memory. You will not notice a difference from version 5. It just helps the computer be more efficient. Version 5 fixed all unit ordering issues.

This is it.

Sorry about all the different versions being released in quick succession. I released too early, really. It has now matured.

Re: VULCAN EXPANSION PACK - now with even MORE content

Posted: Fri Aug 21, 2015 9:37 pm
by Daniel Baines

Postby Daniel Baines ยป Thu Aug 20, 2015 7:48 pm ... sp=sharing

The standard is now 'store quality.' There is no longer anything more I can do to improve it.

This is no longer a Beta.

This is now 'Official Version 1.'

It includes the new, official 'non beta' of the previously released 'North Africa Expansion Pack' beta, and a brand new expansion pack, the 'East Africa Expansion Pack.'

Thank you to everyone who played the Beta. There are no longer any bugs. If I make anything more 'Vulcan' in future, it will be purely new content. There is no longer any need to revisit old content. My skills improved to the point where there was nothing left to fix. ... sp=sharing