spectrum +2A games

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spectrum +2A games

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Could anyone tell me if spectrum made any +2A games, I mean games of +2A strength , not a 48K game playing on a +2A machine I mean the actual +2A game for a +2A spectrum , I think the zx spectrum +2A was a 8 bit machine so a game of 8bit quality.
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Re: spectrum +2A games

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They're all 8 bit machines.

You mean 128k games? They will only work on (most) Spectrums with 128k, like the 128k 'toastrack', +2A (and other +2's and the +3).

Some 48k games will not work on the +2A even in 48k mode.

There were certainly some games that were originally 48k or 128k games but pre +2A, and found not to work on the +2A and beyond because it's innards and some of the ways it does things are different to the previous models, so they also released fixed versions usually labelled 128k or +2A/+2B/+3.
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