Another fellow from Canada

Introduce yourself to your fellow forum members - what was your journey into the Sinclair world?
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Re: Another fellow from Canada

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Spinnetti wrote: Tue May 17, 2022 10:14 pm
What's your project? I'd love to see a zeddy clone with VGA/HDMI output and ZXpand functionality built in...
Please don't spill the bean yet ! :mrgreen: This can look like this and some other goodies. I know that there's a ton
of zeddys clone, but I want this one to be simple, and easily available.
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Re: Another fellow from Canada

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A belated "Hello there!" Mythic66, from Waterloo Ontario.
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Re: Another fellow from Canada

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Salut Marc, moi aussi je suis au Québec, à Blainville plus précisément.

J'ai un ZX81 avec le ZXpand+, deux TS-2068 et un Spectrum+. J'ai aussi toute la gamme des Sinclair QL + clones. Malheureusement, mes 2 TS-2068 + mon spectrum on des problèmes hardware. Je vais suivre avec intérêt le développement de ton projet de clone!


Hi Marc, I also live in Québec, more precisely I am from Blainville.

I have a ZX81 equipped with a ZXpand+, two TS-2068 and a Spectrum+. I also have a panoply a Sinclair QL and clones. Unfortunately, both 2068 and the Spectrum+ have hardware issues. I will follow with great interest the zx81 clone project.

Best regards,
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