Hello i m Duarte from Azores

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Hello i m Duarte from Azores

Post by elmanoduarte »

Hi all,, my name is Duarte, i m from Azores islands.
I had a zx spectrum 128k +2 grey version almost 35 to 40 y ago.
Lost my Spectrum when was very young.
And now have buyed a second hand +2 , and i want to make part of this fantastic forum, and if possible help to make my buy work again and well :D

Best regards for all

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Re: Hello i m Duarte from Azores

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Welcome aboard! :D
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Re: Hello i m Duarte from Azores

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Hello and welcome to our forum Duarte!

:D :D :D

I hope you enjoy this forum :D

I would say, please ask questions, but you already are :lol:

ZX81 Variations
ZX81 Chip Pin-outs
ZX81 Video Transistor Amp

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Looking forward to summer being good this year.
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