Hi from NYC, old time TX user n abuser

Introduce yourself to your fellow forum members - what was your journey into the Sinclair world?
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paul ron
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Hi from NYC, old time TX user n abuser

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I started using the TX computer when it first came out. Being involved in electronics Ive built and designed many peripherals and mods. There was a time when my best friend Cem and I would stay up till 5am programming some machine code only to have it crash when saving it to tape.... :evil:

I was also a member of an unofficial TX users group in Manhattan where we'd show off our latest inventions... a real sow n tell session of geeks hard at work.

I designed an 8255 IO and added a D/A to it as well for a teacher friend in Bklyn, Steve Kaye, who Id like to get in touch with again.

If anyone knows Steven, Please tell him Im here?

I still have all my TX stuff neatly stored in sealed boxes that I may open now that I see there is a users group and interested people still around. I also have tons of programs stored away as well as many Ive programed.

thanks for still showing interest,
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Re: Hi from NYC, old time TX user n abuser

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Howdy from the republic of Texas! (I can dream can't I?)

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Re: Hi from NYC, old time TX user n abuser

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