Reporting in from not so sunny Scotland

Introduce yourself to your fellow forum members - what was your journey into the Sinclair world?
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Reporting in from not so sunny Scotland

Post by Vyprman »

HI all,

I've decided to take up the hobby of old 8 bit computers after getting my old Amiga 1200 fixed up and pimped out to the maximum my budget can afford (By god those things are getting expensive!)
I shifted my focus to the older machines and currently have working a Dragon 32, a Spectrum 48 (rubber key version) and a Commodore 64.

I've had an old ZX81 for about 15 years that either sat in a box or was taking into work and presented to users demanding " A lighter, more portable computer". The looks on their faces are adorable..

I'm currently in the process of getting it working again which is turning out to be more expensive than just buying a working 2nd hand one given the state it's in, but one more saved from the rubbish heap is worth it in my opinion.

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Re: Reporting in from not so sunny Scotland

Post by 1024MAK »

Welcome on board Vyprman!

:D :D :D

Welcome to Sinclair ZX World :D

We like it when Zeddies are saved from the silicon grave yard :D


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Re: Reporting in from not so sunny Scotland

Post by Bukster »

No so sunny here in New Zealand either. It's the first days of summer and everything is soaked after weeks of rain. At least this weekend has been nice.

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