New release of EightyOne available

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Re: New release of EightyOne available

Post by Brimbard »

The issue above was a "self-made" one.
A few weeks ago, I had installed the recent community version of the C++ Builder. And that had overwritten some of the settings of the version 5 used for the EightyOne. Plus, it has this TPrinter class which conflicts with the one used in the file zxprinter.

So, I reinstalled this version 5 on a different PC. (no need to burn a DVD under Windows, just extract the .iso and link it in with the file browser).

I did the following cleaning to make it work:
1. main_.h:
remove line 38 #include "AnimTimer.h"

2. Project Options - Directories/Conditionals
remove "..\Components\Animation-Timer\lib" (and also "C:\") from
- Include paths
- Debug source path

Project - Edit Option Source:
remove all occurrences (e.g. using <ctrl-H> ))
- AnimTimer.lib
- ..\Components\Animation-Timer\lib;
- ..\Components\Animation-Timer;
- ..\Components\Animtimer\lib;

further cleaning, remove:
C:\Documents and Settings\Mike\My Documents\Components\Animtimer\lib\;
C:\Program Files\Soft Gems\Theme Manager\Source\;
C:\Documents and Settings\mike.CHUNTEY\My Documents\Programming\Dbits\lib\;
C:\Program Files\Soft Gems\Theme Manager\Source\

save changes and restart the C++Builder.
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Bug? Report

Post by GCHarder »

When entering a BASIC listing into the Spectrum emulator the following special
graphic characters aren't loading correctly.

\ . \ : and \ ' they work OK in the ZX81 emulator.


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Re: New release of EightyOne available

Post by bceldran »


I tested the EightyOne V1.29 emulator with simple Basic program :

Code: Select all

But I have an issue with line 20, I have a syntax error just before THEN.

I tried this program with SpecBAS, it's working as expected. Has someone got a similar issue with the emulator ?
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Re: New release of EightyOne available

Post by Moggy »

No it works ok for me.
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Re: New release of EightyOne available

Post by Paul »

How did you enter Then?
Single key?
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Re: syntax error before THEN

Post by David G »

Paul wrote: Sat Jan 07, 2023 2:15 pm How did you enter Then?
Single key?
Hmmm, if I type out T-H-E-N, then I too get a syntax error (inverse-S cursor) just before THEN

temp_editing.png (11.01 KiB) Viewed 1320 times

But if I use the keyboard THEN key (shift-3) it accepts line 20 -- and subsequently runs correctly
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Re: New release of EightyOne available

Post by Spinnetti »

v1.30 out, It adds the TS1000 for zxpand which is nice, but not the TS1500 which also works.

If any contributors are willing (I'm not skilled enough to do), it would be great if we could:
- Add TS1500 to Zxpand options (I have one for my 1500 as well as my ZX81 and TS1000)
- If selecting Zxpand, also auto check the memory box for 32k, ZONX and WRX since ZXPAND does all those.
- Double check the 60hz code for both TS1000 and ZX-81 for rolling screen? Its also noticeably slower in 60hz even though the US version had a tiny bit faster clock to compensate as I remember - perhaps the issue is not accounting for the different clock speed?
- The display is not centered in the simulated screen - its a fair bit to the left. Timing related?

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Re: New release of EightyOne available

Post by flypie »

Just came back to run EightyOne and it seems to have a problem, the only change I can think of is I've moved to Windows 11 since the last run. has any got it running with Won 11? I have upgraded to the latest version.
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Re: New release of EightyOne available

Post by flypie »

OK Ignore that was a corrupt ini file. Works fine with Windows 11
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Re: New release of EightyOne available

Post by Fruitcake »

EightyOne V1.31 is now available here. It resolves some of the issues mentioned over the past few months.
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