EightyOne Problem TS1500

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EightyOne Problem TS1500

Post by Paul »

I'm using V1.32 of EightyOne.
Using TS1500 setting and TS1500.ROM (with RAMPACK set to none) I get Ramtop at 32768 which is correct.
But DIM A(1000) crashes the TS1500.
If I add a 16K Rampack ramtop doesn't change (I'm not shure if thats correct) but DIM A(1000) works.

If I use the ZX81 setting with no RAMPACK and TS1500.ROM DIM A(1000) gives error 4
Again, with 16K Rampack added, DIM A(1000) works as expected.

Using TS1500 setting and zx81.edition3.rom with no RAMPACK DIM A(1000) gives error 4 which is unexpected :?
This combination also gives just 17408 as Ramtop :(

Am I doing something wrong?
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