EightyOne suppress reset / autoload (tzx)

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EightyOne suppress reset / autoload (tzx)

Post by PokeMon »

Hi guys,
I am developping drivers and would like to test with EightyOne.
There is a problem that when I use the tape manager, the opened files are automatically loaded AND a reset does occur.
I want to install a driver above RAMTOP and then load another program testing with that driver.
Unfortunately the installed driver is removed, RAMTOP is again at 32768 and the program is loaded automatically.

Setting tape source to WAVE loader didn't help as it is automatically set to tape manager as soon as I use the tape manager.
Using the WAVE loader is not possible either as my system hangs when opening a file in that tool.

How can I manage to suppress the obviously automatically reset when loading a program ?

Is there a way to easily create TZX files ?
Anyway this would be a workaround only and makes it hard to test the driver with different programs.
David G
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Re: EightyOne suppress reset / autoload (tzx)

Post by David G »

I noticed the same thing when loading P files using the EightyOne's "Auto Load on Insert" feature. After turning that off, a manual LOAD "" does not cause a reset.

Toggle this button:
EightyOne's "Auto Load on Insert" feature
EightyOne's "Auto Load on Insert" feature
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Re: EightyOne suppress reset / autoload (tzx)

Post by zsolt »

Hi Pokemon,
I think the better way is to load your driver as memory block (for testing), but this feature works well only with the improved version of EO (by sirmorris).
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