Z81 emulator ported to "Allegro 5"

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Z81 emulator ported to "Allegro 5"

Post by stefano » Thu Dec 17, 2015 8:04 am

I just finished a programming exercise: porting code from SVGAlib to Allegro 5.
The Z81 emulator was written long time ago by Russell Marks, (he was very active around the Y2K) and surprised me for being very simple and clean.
Z81 v2.1 - Allegro 5 port
(176.8 KiB) Downloaded 121 times
I'm attaching also the Windows compiled version, (use the "-h" command line parameter to see all the options).
Z81 v2.1 for Windows
(1.53 MiB) Downloaded 110 times
In comparison to the original code also the Linux users should get some benefit from this port: the running window can be stretched, the scale factor can be adjusted to limit the anti-aliasing effects, the soundis not bound anymore to OSS only.

This port should be easily compiled on all the systems supported by Allegro, though.
MACOS, iOS, Android or Linux anybody ?

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