Decode VTX Music?

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Decode VTX Music?

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Hey all.

I am attempting to decode the VTX music format.

My understanding from ... format.txt is that the format has header information and the sound-sequence data is like the YM3 format. I found the YM3 data specification at

In the
Old McDonald VTX music file.
(1.14 KiB) Downloaded 124 times
sample file, I was able to extract the metadata bytes from 0-136. It appears that bytes 137 to EOF are music. I think I am supposed to read the remainder of the file in 14-byte chunks to collect voice/noise/pitch data. But I do not understand how to interpret those bytes.

The first 14 bytes in the sample file are

Code: Select all

03 16 6a  7d  f6  ad  47 fe  b6  df  55 b5  f3  5e
how do I convert that to bits/register info? What I want to know is which voice should play (1 or 2 or 3 or noise), the pitch, and the duration.

Thanks! I'm happy that I found this forum!

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