ZEsarUX beta - Release Candidate 6.0

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ZEsarUX beta - Release Candidate 6.0

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I have uploaded a new ZEsarUX beta version. This is a Release Candidate version, so the next version I release will be the stable 6.0... Yes, 6.0, not 5.1, because it has a lot of changes ;)

You can download it from the usual beta url:
https://sourceforge.net/projects/zesaru ... _versions/

Changes since the last beta version:

Added quicksave function
Added TBBlue features: 2 MB RAM, new 8kb block MMU, 9-bit palette, lores mode, layer priorities, partial Next Z80 opcodes (see extras/docs/tbblue/new_opcodes.txt to know which are emulated)
Added Antonio Villena's "Kartusho" cartridge interface
Added setting to allow to load a .sna snapshot file without changing the current machine type

Improved menu interface:
*menu gui is zoomed when running following machines: QL, TSConf, CPC, Prism, Sam

Improved debugger:
*now you can repeat last command by pressing enter on ZRCP (requires enabling a debug-setting)

Improved Visual Mem:
*showing also read memory and opcode execution visual mem
*it has a counter (0-255) to see how many times an address has been read/executed
*menu draws different values as red tones, with a configurable bright

Fixed Windows freeze issues when doing cpu-step on ZRCP
Updated TBBlue boot loader

You can see the full 6.0 Changelog here:
https://sourceforge.net/p/zesarux/code/ ... /Changelog


ZX Second-Emulator And Released for UniX

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