How do I use MCoder?

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How do I use MCoder?

Post by JohnsBargs »

So I've read this thread: ... f=6&t=4833

and I'm still a bit stuck.

It says:
2. Load your BASIC program from a .P file.

Be sure to use the load option that does not do a hard reset of the emulator. For EightyOne and ZX81, use the LOAD “” command and not the GUI to start the load process.
But I don't know how to do that.

If I type in LOAD "FILENAME" (FILENAME being a P file I have saved, eg "ESMERELDA"), I get an endless loading loop.

If I just type LOAD "", it doesn't bring up any kind of menu. (What it seems to do is load MCoder again.)

If I go to the File menu in EightyOne and select Open Tape, it just acts like a dropped a P file onto the window, ie it wipes MCoder and loads the new game instead, rather than merging it. The same thing happens if I drop the P file into the Tape Manager window or open it from the Tape Manager's "open tape" menu. It makes no difference if I disable Flash Load and/or Auto Start.

I can't find anything in the EightyOne menus that would equate to "put a tape in the cassette player but don't actually load it until I type LOAD""".

How do I get Esmerelda in without wiping MCoder?
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Re: How do I use MCoder?

Post by mrtinb »

Yes, that one of the threads I also found.

However there is a longer thread, where @bwinkel67 breaks up a Basic program into smaller pieces, and compiles them all and glues them together to one program. He got it to work quite well.

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