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ZX81 BlitzMax

Posted: Tue Aug 15, 2023 6:14 pm
by Baggey
Hi, I have a ZX81 Emulator almost working! :D

It has a Fullscreen Mode with no pixel distortion what so ever. When in FullScreen mode you wouldn't know it's an emulator apart from the PC keyboard and Monitor, and the Speed it runs at.

It has a full Live Memory fewer in Raster form and Hex.

A Maximum and minimum IDE window plus FullScreen switch.

It has live Disassembly with stepping and Break points. Almost all Z80 instructions are commented so it's also good to learn how the instructions work and interact. in steping mode you can see what happens as each instruction is executed.

I have a few more ideas to implement like Tape Loading/Saving etc... So it can be used just like the real thing and when your code crashes have it back at a push of a key!

You might have a wrong emulated opcode.
As far as im aware there all good so it has to be something todo with unKnown R effects happening with interrupts!?

Interestingly "ALIENDROPOUT" writes passed the 32767 Limit and the aliens don't drop properly. I wrote an addition to stop writes to the other half of memory. By ANDing with $32767 and making sure i dont overwrite the Stack past STKBOT as well. The result is they now drop to the floor but go through it :roll:

I have todo a little experiment with the Peeking as at the Mo you can see the whole Memory you could also see the whole memory before as well. I think in the Real world it's an M1 NOT circuit.

I have to get the ZX80 running as well, and just maybe latter on ill try the Jupiter ACE i believe it maybe easier todo the screen than the ZX81 but that involves more reading.

So there's some more ironing out to be done still.

Kind Regards Baggey

Re: ZX81 BlitzMax

Posted: Tue Aug 22, 2023 1:13 pm
by mrtinb
That sounds great.

Is it Windows only, or have you written it with cross platform libraries, so Linux and macOS can use it as well?

Re: ZX81 BlitzMax

Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2023 11:32 am
by Baggey
Its only for windows, dont use Linux or Mac so dont really know for sure!?

However there is BlitzMax for Linux so i suppose the source would compile.