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Post by Moggy » Fri Apr 20, 2018 4:33 pm

With Charlie's kind blessing (thanks Charlie) I present a UDG version of his most splendid game BIGG-OIL.

The UDG's are limited to the pipeline,drill head and a couple of animated nasties which I think blend nicely with the zeddies own graphics.


UDG4ZXpand owners set to 128 mode.

Eighty-One users use zxpand mode, set CHR$ 16, no hi-res ,Zonx for sound (which may sound a bit iffy due to this emulators sound shortcomings and in no ways reflects upon the games sound effects which are excellent on the real thing.)

Have all three files in the same folder and load the self running OILREM.P file and it will do the rest.

I must also point out that the normal P file for this game will not work with this set-up and will produce corrupted graphics. The P file in the attached folder has been kindly modified for me by Charlie for UDG use and must be the one used for this purpose
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