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Name of Software: SUPER SHOGUN
Author: Johan "Dr Beep" Koelman
Release Date: 15/07/2022
Requirements (eg. 1K, 16K, AY Card, Hi-Res Scheme): 1K lowres

Super Shogun is my improved version of SHOGUN1K with an extra level AI
and an option to play against a friend.

This is the extended version of SHOGUN in 1K.
The initial version had just 1 mode of playing which
is in playlevel almost equal to the current EASY-level.

By rewriting the destinationroutine the stack of the game
was reduced with almost 70 bytes.

A different backup system also won 48 bytes to code.
The new backup system is slower, making the computer think longer
before a move is done. Still the game is playable.

With a load of other optimizations it was possible to add
a 2 player option and a double computer AI.

After loading you get this screen:


This screen indicates the options in the menu and is only shown on startup.
You press E F or H to start your game.
The first time you need to press a key TWICE.
This is done to set the randomness of the board in the first loop.

Controls in the game:
Q = up
A = down
O = left
P = right
Z = select

Messages in the game:
Letter on top: type of game playing E,F,H
inverted dot : Shogun current player under attack
? : Error input
inverted star : player1 (bottom) wins
star : player2 or computer (top) wins

The difference in AI
The easy level will only check the result for the moved stone.
Due to size even 1 check is skipped so this EASY-level is
even easier than the first SHOGUN1K.
The hard level will check the effect of the move to all other stones.
It will check if other stones are no longer attacked or defended after a move.

Commercial / Public Domain / Free ware / Other - please specify? Freeware

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Compiled source (no room left for any code or stack goes over game):
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Re: New ZX81 Games

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Nobody tried SUPERSHOGUN on a 16K machine?

I tried it today and it crashed due to a single EXX and the idea that B would already be 0.

This version has a fix.
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Re: New ZX81 Games

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Name of Software: Escape from Tokat dungeon
Author: Salvacam
Release Date: 08/10/2022
Requirements (eg. 1K, 16K, AY Card, Hi-Res Scheme): 16K
Description: You have to take the keys and go to the exit, avoiding enemies

Play it online
Written in C with z88dk
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Re: New ZX81 Games

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Name of Software: Jackpot
Author: Richard Turnnidge
Release Date: 16/11/2022
Requirements (eg. 1K, 16K, AY Card, Hi-Res Scheme): 16K
Description: My first game to learn Z80 assembly on the ZX81. A simple fruit machine game. Instructions on screen.
Start with £10. £1 per spin. If you get down to empty, then you lose! If you get past £99 then you win.
Any pair returns £2. All three the same returns £6. Plus, £1 for each BAR symbol as a bonus.
I'd like to add nudges, etc at some stage, but let's see how this goes first.
Tested on Issue 1 machine, hope it works on all others.

Once loaded, type RUN and NEWLINE.

Sorry Johan, no hi-res yet, all standard ZX81 graphics ;-)
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