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Masada Class game

Post by Bukster » Tue Sep 18, 2018 10:21 am

Here's is a game I programmed in 1994 on a real ZX81. So you can imagine how long it took to load the assembler, source code, compile it, have it crash and have to start again. In the end I had enough and programmed some of it, mainly the intro, in basic. The game itself is in machine code. This features six action filled stages. Defend the Earth, blast off and cross the asteroid belt, attack the alien mothership, attack the alien galaxy, a final fight with the mothership before you attack the alien homeworld.

This game has been reviewed by quite a few reviewers. One thing many of them liked is that it has a story. The Masada type battle cruisers were autonomous spacecraft used in a future war. However at war's end they were ordered to shut down and left to drift in space. Hundreds of years later Earth is under attack. Out of options, the recall signal is sent out to these abandoned museum pieces. The five remaining operational Masadas may be in poor shape, but a Masada does not neglect its duty and returns to Earth to take on this alien menace.

Here's a t81 file of it and some screenshots.
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I've been mulling over a possible sequel, "Calvary Class". The story of the Masada Class ends in a bit of a cliffhanger. In the sequel, Earth's newest spaceships, the Calvary Class vessels are dispatched to find out what happened.

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