There's one game I keep coming back to

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There's one game I keep coming back to

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La Pulga - a simple concept perfectly executed. The design genius of using the time the key is held gives it a sort of analogue control precision. You play to perfect your technique because you can tell you get better with each play stint. It's an infuriating challenge that's as just-one-more-go addictive as Screwball Scramble ever was. If you mess up, it's because you made a mistake, not because of some random element. Really great fun. Super Monkey Ball was certainly an evolution of this game type.

I own a large number of gaming systems, including a PS4 Pro but I keep on playing this simple black and white ASCII character game, and I actually laugh out loud when the flea takes a big fall back down to the bottom :lol: Amazing that this particular game marked the start of The Golden Age of Spanish Software.

Definitely one for original keyboard membranes though. Wasn't too good on my repro keyboard - too stiff, and would often misread the time held, which is critical for this game.
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Re: There's one game I keep coming back to

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Here's an interesting article about this game... ... 16.1190440

Bugaboo: A Spanish case of circulation and co-production of video games

Ignasi Meda-Calvet

Cogent Arts & Humanities (2016), 3: 1190440


Retrogamer. (2011, June). The making of ... Bugaboo [The
Flea]. Retrogamer, No. 91, pp. 40-43.

Which I have not been able to find.


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