What is zx pixel

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What is zx pixel

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What exactley is,

Spectrum BASIC keyword to put a pixel on the screen
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Re: What is zx pixel

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PLOT is used to draw a single pixel. In simple terms PLOT x coordinate, y coordinate

PLOT c;x,y
Prints an ink spot (subject to OVER and INVERSE) at the pixel x,y; moves the PLOT position.
Unless the colour items c specify otherwise, the ink colour at the character position containing the pixel is changed to the current permanent ink colour, and the other (paper colour, flashing and brightness) are left unchanged.
x should be between 0 and 255, y should be between 0 and 175, else error B

DRAW is used to draw a line.

DRAW x,y


DRAW x,y,z

Draws a line from the current plot position moving x horizontally and y vertically relative to it while turning through an angle z.
Error B if it runs off the screen


CIRCLE x, y, z

Draws an arc of a circle, centre (x,y), radius z

I hope this helps.

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