ZX81 BASIC pure AND fast!

Anything Sinclair ZX Basic related; history, development, tips - differences between BASIC on the ZX80 and ZX81
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ZX81 BASIC pure AND fast!

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If you think ZX81 BASIC is slow, please have a look at ANDRE***'s nice programs.

ANDRE*** is from Canada and he loves it to program in pure BASIC and all his program run fast in SLOW-mode ;)

I've created a small web-site with his software, you can even read his five ZX91 magazines, he issued in 1991!


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Re: ZX81 BASIC pure AND fast!

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I started reading his old magazines last year and I will never forget what he wrote about still feeling young. In a certain way, we're all reliving our youth. I'm happy for Andrew and thankful for his work.
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Re: ZX81 BASIC pure AND fast!

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Yes. Games of this guy simply rock.
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Re: ZX81 BASIC pure AND fast!

Post by Andre »

Bonjour ZX81/TS1000 fans,

Thanks for the compliments. I am working right now on the adaptation to the ZX81 of a game written by Paul Panks titled "DUNRIC'S 8K ADVENTURE". Not only have I adapted it, I improved the game. So the ZX81 versions is better than the original game, better than the Spectrum version.

If you want a beta version, drop me an e-mail. Otherwise you will have to wait for the final version to be made available at my web sites as soon as I am satisfied with the program.

Goodby(t)e, ANDRE***
The ZX81 pleasure is spreading, ANDRE***
Paul Panks
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Re: ZX81 BASIC pure AND fast!

Post by Paul Panks »

gus has completed his version of 8K Adventure. I just uploaded his game this morning.

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