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Anything Sinclair ZX Basic related; history, development, tips - differences between BASIC on the ZX80 and ZX81
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Re: Software LO-RES

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Hi Siggi;

Yes, that would be me, those were fun times. Sad to hear about Fred's passing.

I only go interested in the ZX81 again a couple months back, so I'm relearning everything. I was surprised to see much of my old stuff available on line, who would've though. Sadly, all my old hardware software was stolen from a storage shed years ago, except some stuff I saved digitally. I did find a T/S 1000 with Ram Pack for $8.00 at a Goodwill, unfortunately, no cables or power supply, I haven't anything to display it on anyway.



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Re: Software LO-RES

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Hi Greg
so welcome back in the Zeddy universe ;-)
I had a lot of fun with some of your programs (ZXPAINT, SHREB), but a lot of new things happened since then.
Besides RWAP's forum there is also Tom's forum, where also a lot of new hard- and software is shown:

And there is in annual meeting of ZX81 fans in Germany: ... ?f=2&t=881

See you in Mahlerts?

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Re: Software LO-RES

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Ooooh, more stuff for me to play with ... thank you ! :)

I'm new too, made my first post today, in the thread a few back.

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