Save & Load Data

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Save & Load Data

Post by questarian »

Maybe I'm thinking of another of my old rigs and/or SD interfaces, but I could have sworn there was a way on a ZX81, either from standard BASIC or with ZXpander, to SAVE/LOAD a variable to/from a file.

It might be the method of getting the variables address and using the ZXpand's address range SAVE/Load I'm thinking of, or using a block of RAM... But I could of sworn there was a direct way of doing that... Old fuzzy memory and too much snow... :lol:


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Re: Save & Load Data

Post by Moggy »

The book "Advanced programming for the 16k ZX81" by Mike Costello, Pages 120/121 describe such a method using a Basic + M/C combination, don't have a working scanner at the moment unfortunately .

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Re: Save & Load Data

Post by sirmorris »

There's nothing in the ZXpand firmware, but you're right to think that you can calculate the address of the variable then use the address range save. I've never done it myself though.

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Re: Save & Load Data

Post by siggi »

Wilf Rigter has implemented SAVE and LOAD of variables (all variables at once, not only a part of them) in his RAMDOS: ... RAMDOS.htm

And I adapted his code to be used in MEFISDOS :mrgreen:

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Re: Save & Load Data

Post by mrtinb »

Does anyone know if RAMDOS works with other RAM-PACKs other whan Wilf Rigter's own 32K expansion? E.g. the documentations has reference to write protect switch.
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Re: Save & Load Data

Post by 1024MAK »

Err, don't get confused between a normal RAM expansion and other memory:- "RAMDOS is normally used with a large Non-Volatile Memory pack or the ZX97."

See here for more about a ZX81 expansion that includes more information.


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