Dungeons of Yore

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Dungeons of Yore

Post by Crayon21 » Tue Feb 05, 2019 12:51 am

this is less of a game and more of an experiment. How many things can I cram into 2k on the zx81.

In dungeons of Yore, you're only goal is to escape with the treasure. But a great dragon, a crafty golem, and dizzying passageways block your route.

I am not going to say whether this is in alpha or Beta, because it is more of a challenge for me as a programmer. The ZX80,81 are great computers and honestly, some of the games on the system are phenomenal. I hope to one day reach that level of greatness, but for now I have contented myself with
this little experiment.

I wanted to emulate Collosal Cave, Zork and all the great text adventures of the 80's ( a Genre that should be required study for any literature class, don't just read a book, make your own using a computer, or hell, even DOSBOX). As such, this is my foray into Zx81 programming as it should be: peace and quiet, an idea and a ZX81.

enjoy :D

no one's going to comment?

EDIT: Is no one going to comment on what I did? on how it could be improved?
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Zx spectrum: masterpiece that keeps on giving

(wish it weren't so expensive) :o

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