1K Real Chess for ZX80

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Re: 1K Real Chess for ZX80

Post by Moggy » Thu Apr 05, 2018 10:49 pm

Hi Stefano.

This game.

ZX80 black 35ply making all its own moves V ZX81 ZXchess2. level 0.
ZX80 was beaten in 19 moves.

The next game I will play ZX80 black again but I will play some of its opening moves then let the logic take over as you requested then you can compare the two games.
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Re: 1K Real Chess for ZX80

Post by Moggy » Sat Apr 07, 2018 10:23 pm

Hi Stefano.

Game 2

ZX80 black 35ply V ZX81 Zxchess 2 level 0 white.

The ZX81 used the Ruy Lopez opening which I followed with black until the ZX81's final opening bishop move of F1-B5, (using the ZX81 notation.)

After this move I let the ZX80 black logic take over.

The ZX81 mated in 59 moves which should have been a lot sooner but I have been told by other people that ZXchess 2 plays a very weak endgame.

the ZX80 was the first to promote to a Queen which the ZX81 should never have allowed if it had played a stronger game and only won the match after 2 Queen promotion and should have won much sooner.

I have to say the black logic using 35 ply seems a lot stronger than the 4 ply game and if some simple opening gambit could be introduced then mate in 19 moves like the last game is not a certainty.

A very enjoyable test which I'm happy to continue. :D


game 2.zip
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Re: 1K Real Chess for ZX80

Post by marste » Sat Apr 07, 2018 11:55 pm

Indeed very interesting games... especially the last one! :)
I think that if I'll be able to put just a bit more playing logic super micro might win these matches...
Let's see: I do not want in any case to use more than 1k... everything should fit there!
As usual I made the pgns attached...

Personally I would stop testing here to keep energies for the next version: today I did a big code restructuring hoping to open door to more playing logic... anyway still not completed (and not sure to be able to have a first working version tomorrow)...

In the meantime thank you again and happy chess!!
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