New year, new projects?

Any discussions related to the creation of new hardware or software for the ZX80 or ZX81
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Re: New year, new projects?

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siggi wrote: Mon Dec 09, 2019 12:42 pm ... a GAL can also do more complex things ...
I agree, a GAÁL can do ;)
I have a dream for next year (it is in design phase):
may be available next Christmas :D

Zsolt (Gaál)
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Re: New year, new projects?

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Impossible Mission ! YES !!!!!!!!
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Re: New year, new projects?

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Another visitor? Stay a while... Staaaay forever!

The digitized death yells on Impossible Mission were so impressive on the C=64 that one day my big sister rushed down the stairs fully expecting her little brother to be crispy & smoking. :)

Great design on the port even without sound. :) :shock:
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