DOOM on ZX81?!

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DOOM on ZX81?!

Post by nollkolltroll »

What if the ZX81 could have been made to play DOOM, what would that look like? No way to know, it simply isn't even remotely possible to code the classic shooter with the poor performance of our beloved door-stopper.
Now however, I've made a 30fps widescreen video of someone playing DOOM episode 1 map1. Enjoy!
Yes, the video file really does play on a real ZX81.
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Lardo Boffin
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Re: DOOM on ZX81?!

Post by Lardo Boffin »

That is very cool. 8-)
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Andy Rea
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Re: DOOM on ZX81?!

Post by Andy Rea »

awesome that preview looks really smooth, will download and try on real hardware...

BOBS played with ray traced texture mapping in lo-res a long time ago... ... ring#p4951

the facebook video link ... 0300784684

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Re: DOOM on ZX81?!

Post by RWAP »

Excellent work - back in 1981 we could only dream of something like this....
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