Blue Drive by Victor Trucco

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Blue Drive by Victor Trucco

Post by Paul »

I'm searching for information about Blue Drive.
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Re: Blue Drive by Victor Trucco

Post by David G » ... blue+drive

Blue Drive 2 for TK85 and other ZX81 compatible
- Fast pendrive loading
- 512kb memory expansion
- Real time clock maintained with battery

Pendrive refers to a USB memory device

BlueDrive fast loading interface, which loads .P files from a common USB stick

Thumb drive loader for ZX81 and clones, similar to ZXpand

It seems to use the CH376 shield (with USB/SD) similar to ... B01FDD4HXY
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Re: Blue Drive by Victor Trucco

Post by mrtinb »

Does anyone know if this is open source or closed source?
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