My ZX81 project. Advice.

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Lardo Boffin
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Re: My ZX81 project. Advice.

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If you prefer tactile feedback from a keyboard try one of these: ... model-zx81

At the bottom of the page is a regulator replacement that works in the zeddy:

Note that Retroleum cannot post outside the UK at the moment thanks to some cyber criminals hacking the Royal Mail.
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Re: My ZX81 project. Advice.

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Thanks for that Lardo Boffin.
Looks like a useful page for the components although I will probably source the regulator and other components from here in New Zealand as much as possible. They seem to be very cheap which is a bonus. I havent posted anything here for a couple of weeks because im wainting on parts to arrive from overseas. (an official power supply and quite a few other things from the UK.) Everything else I can probably find here.
I really like the idea of upgrading to a slightly better keyboard. Ill see how the membrane ones go before I decide. I recall seeing old magazine ads where you bought a completely new housing with a propler commodore 64 style keyboard. I wonder what happened to those? Not sure id like that though because it wouldnt look like a ZX81 anymore.
When I was a kid I remember buying this stick-on keyboard with better buttons that you put over top of the membrane keyboard. From memory it worked surprisingly well for a cheap accessory. Not anywhere near as good as a mechanical keyboard or even a spectrum keyboard. But still much better. A quick google search and I even found this pic of it.
stick on keyboard.jpg
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