AY-3-8910 sound card emulator using AVR ATmega8

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AY-3-8910 sound card emulator using AVR ATmega8

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I found an emulator for AY-3-8910 using an ATmega8: http://youtu.be/iarcYHJ6uFI. Link to the blogg is also in YouTube About.

I have a "William Stuart Systems Input/Output Port and Music Synthesiser for ZX81 and Spectrum" connected to my ZX81 and that uses AY-3-8910, see page 7 in http://df.lth.se.orbin.se/~mikaelb/sinc ... l_zx81.pdf.

I think the same chip is used in "ZON X-81 Programmable Sound Generator", see http://www.zx81stuff.org.uk/zx81/genera ... ONX81.html.

Using this project with ATmega8 one could probably build sound cards for ZX81. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any source code, but only hex-files.
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Re: AY-3-8910 sound card emulator using AVR ATmega8

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Well, it might be interesting if it's finished - and if anybody would adapt it to the ZonX ports.
The AY and YM chips will run out one day, so the idea is good.

As for the compatibility - obviously I'd have to listen to some my song from it, to really judge.

Anyway, the idea itself is OK.
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