It's never happens? (Hardware distraction)

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Re: It's never happens? (Hardware distraction)

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Have a look to the regulator input, there is two resistor and a black transistor… this mod is the french version.
But, i dont know if the German release is a french version… too...

UHF chanel 64... UM1233 regulator.
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Re: It's never happens? (Hardware distraction)

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Thanks so much Xav.

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Re: It's never happens? (Hardware distraction)

Post by 1024MAK »

Only countries that used the French analogue TV system would have had ZX81’s with the French video circuitry. Other European ZX81s would have had the standard video circuitry for 625 line, 15625Hz, 50 Hz video (PAL for colour TV).

In the USA and other countries that used the NTSC TV standard, would have used TS1000 video circuitry the TS1000 being the same as a European ZX81 except different video circuitry and the internal RAM was 2k bytes instead of only 1k bytes. Plus the case had screening/shielding.

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