US Issue 3 PCB ZX81

ZX80 / ZX81 hardware and software requested for either sale or swapping
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US Issue 3 PCB ZX81

Post by Fwapp » Sun Mar 26, 2017 12:14 am

If you have a spare US spec ZX81 with Issue 3 PCB and wish it to go to a loving home, please PM me to discuss adoption :D
ZX80, ZX81 - 2C158C Bugged Rom iss.1, 2C158C "kludge fix" iss1, 2C184E iss1, 2C210E iss3, US NTSC iss1 "straight traces", US NTSC iss3 TS1000

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Re: US Issue 3 PCB ZX81

Post by amigaman07 » Thu May 04, 2017 6:45 am

G'Day fellow ZX81 User!

Here is sunny OZ, I have some Spare ZX81 Parts. (I was keeping for personal use)

But I am happy to Part with some Bits & Bobs if it helps another user save their Machine.

I have 2 x Timex Sinclair 1000's, and just opened them up. 1 has the ISS 3 Mainboard you require.

May I ask, what is it exactly do you require, as this Main Board is Populated with ULA CPU ROM RAM... so on, but as I say, would like to keep some Spares for my Machine.

Darren in OZ ;)

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