Getting BASIC programs from cassette tape to digital files?

Anything Sinclair ZX Basic related; history, development, tips - differences between BASIC on the ZX80 and ZX81
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Re: Getting BASIC programs from cassette tape to digital fil

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Re: Getting BASIC programs from cassette tape to digital fil

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Oh wait - I also have a Chromebook, so that might not be the best excuse I've had for
clinging for dear life to "the larger box" ... and now, since DOS Box can work on the
Chromebook, I have yet another reason for a slow migration to my Mac mini ...

I still need the "larger PC" for some of my gaming needs, for instance, Neocron 2. :)

Emulation has helped me save the day - and Xtender in DOS was what started it all.

To think it all started with a simple search on AOL ... so now, the circle is complete !
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Re: Getting BASIC programs from cassette tape to digital fil

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kumbah wrote:the PC does, however, get me online to use the forums, so I should probably keep it. :) LoL
Throw it away, get a ZX81 and ZeddyNet and use ZeddyFox as browser: ... 845&p=9335


And about Neocron 2: I am sure Dr. Beep will make a version running on a 1K Zeddy, when he is back from polictics :mrgreen:

My ZX81 web-server: online since 2007, running since dec. 2020 using ZeddyNet hardware
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Re: Getting BASIC programs from cassette tape to digital fil

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<<< GIANT post alert !!! Very long and rambling response below ... >>>

I just checked ... it does have to be in English for me to make use of it. :)
[sadly, it's completely unusable in the language presented ...]

Neocron 2 on a Zeddy is going to be near impossible ... have you seen how complex and
graphically oriented that game is? Surely you jest ! ;-) L o L

I love the Zeddy, as great as it is - and I've managed to get it to do quite a bit of
what I use a computer for, but it won't be replacing my "larger box" or even my
Chromebook, any time soon (for certain things, that's important).

Both will run Zeddy software though, which makes me absolutely happy, however ! :)

Even my oldest machine, a Panasonic 486sx, and an HP 200LX, run Zeddy.
[ neither of those have proper network interfaces due to their age ]

Mind if I ramble on a bit? Cool ...

ZeddyNet .... hmmmm ...

That intrigues me ... I'd need a version of it for my TS-2068 and/or my QXL in DOS.
Will it allow me to connect to my router and get online with my cable modem?

The machine it will be installed in (after many years) has a network card, so maybe
the networking functions can be "tied into" the Zeddy-Fox somehow?

I know it will need some sort of TCP stack to be useful ... :)

If I had to choose the machine to go online with, it would be my QXL, since it's the most
capable "Sinclair unit" I own. It also has the speed and the (RAM) power to do so.

The Zed is "just not quite there" or is it?

I stopped over for a look, will have to visit Tom's forum and read about it more.

That's looking quite decent already - bravo !

I am quite impressed ! ;-)

I can do some of what I need to do on a mobile device, like an Android tablet or
my Ipod Touch (blasphemy, I know), and there might be a "grand hope", but I think
this wonderful little platform can only do so much - even with the help of "some
external devices". :)

I'm thinking this page might even be a bit too much for it ... but maybe not with
the proper filtering ...

Zeddy-Fox? ... How about "Chrome" for Zeddy? :)

Remember, light and fast is the way to go !

How about a micro Linux for it in ROM?

This way, the Zed can multi-task BASIC and the browser for quick look-ups or
code backup/restore - which I have always wanted to be able to do. :)

Tapes should be replaced by CF or SD cards, especially (with ZXpand).

You know, I just thought of something - why bother with a wired connection at
all when the Zed can - and should - be wireless ! This got ya thinking? :)

Get a good compatible wireless N (with WPA2) module, add the interface to
the "special slot" it requires ... and ... ta-da ... wireless Zeddy !

Grand visions, but even our mobile devices of today have a fair amount of "meat"
on them than our "wonder boxes" of the 80s. On the other hand ...

There is a "Zed Ex" emulator on Android, maybe you should check it out?
There's also Marvin and Xpectroid for Spectrum users. :)

We need to make sure our youth have as much access to this classic
technology as possible. Raspberry Pi is all fine and good, but nothing
beats the sheer accomplishment of programming on a Zeddy; especially
after learning how to use it's "keyboard" and coming to grips with the
keywords and the tape interface - which is mitigated by a ZXpand.

We can do a lot, but can't quite do it all yet ...

I can't see using the Zed's "keyboard" for very long, or for typing out
posts on a forum - it would be far too tiresome - maybe add in a BT
(bluetooth) receiver and a keyboard decoder to give our Zeds a
nice alternative keyboard that's far more comfortable.

It's getting there, slowly but surely ! :)

[ I talk too much, but there's more ideas for you ... ]
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Re: Getting BASIC programs from cassette tape to digital fil

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I'm going to need Google Translate for Zeddy, next ... can that be done? :)

German (or is it Russian?) is not a language i can safely understand without a lot of help ...

Guess my Chromebook (or just chrome) will be helpful here. :)

Bookmarked for later viewing - thank you ! :)
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