ZXPand / Memotech case end-cap templates

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ZXPand / Memotech case end-cap templates

Post by sirmorris »

I've been asked for these a few times so here they are. Print out the template 1:1 and get busy with a dremel :D

The end-cap image is an SVG (scalable vector image) and can be displayed/printed from most modern web browsers. If anyone is unsure about this mod then I'll be willing to have a go for you if you post me your end cap.

The included picture shows some hard foam that I've glued to the inside of my caps in order to hold the zxpand centrally in the case. Thick double-sided foam tape also works well.

Some users have also drilled holes in the case to allow the LEDs to shine through, diffusing them with clear epoxy or hot glue. I never did but perhaps I should also have a go and add these instructions to the list..

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