ZXmore multitasking Z80 system (ZX80CORE follow-up)

ZX80 / ZX81 hardware and software offered for sale or swapping
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ZXmore multitasking Z80 system (ZX80CORE follow-up)

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So finally the ZXmore is available at sellmyretro in 3 different kits depending on your personal needs.


For ...
GBP 26.90 - you will receive the board kit with some hard to get parts and preprogrammed USB controller chip (already soldered) and Altera CPLD
GBP 63.90 - you will receive the complete construction kit but without keyboard (if you may have already a keyboard membrane or use another one)
GBP 79.90 - you will receive the complete construction kit including "deluxe" keyboard with high glossy membrane and smd tactile switches

So have fun - the first release 0.9 is now available and next one is waiting to update your system soon (this month).

Some basic information about the ZXmore:

ZXmore is a complete Z80 system, compatible to ZX80, ZX81, ZX Spectrum and CP/M (*).
It is a multi tasking system which allows to run up to seven instances with different ROM's and different systems parallel or even concurrently (multitasking). It supports the video logic of ZX80/ZX81 and is capable of running ZX Spectrum ROM's in monochrome mode and CP/M to choice of the user. ZXmore has a composite video output (monochrome) and two USB host ports for use with USB flash disks for loading and saving programs and connection of different USB peripherals.

Technical data:

Z80 system with variable memory layout
512k ROM and 512k RAM divided into 8 separate instances (first used for control software)
video out composite (monochrome)
real time clock (RTC)
high speed mode with 6.5 MHz clock (nearly 3 times faster than ZX81)
HRG capable, extended M1NOT, up to 56k RAM in ZX81 mode
2 USB host ports for flash disks and other peripherals
compatible to ZX80, ZX81, ZX Spectrum and CP/M (*)

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