ZXmore - questions and answers (FAQ)

Any discussions related to the creation of new hardware or software for the ZX80 or ZX81
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Re: ZXmore - questions and answers (FAQ)

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where can I buy this?

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Re: ZXmore - questions and answers (FAQ)

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Is this Going to be available soon I hope Again .. Regards Mike
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Re: ZXmore - questions and answers (FAQ)

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PokeMon, firstly apologies for the thread archaeology :)

A couple of years ago I picked up a ZXMORE here in Australia. It's entirely possible it's actually vk5hbl's old one.
When I received it, it'd boot into sessions 1 to 5, but 0, 6, and 7 wouldnt do anything.
It got stashed in a drawer and forgotten about.
Then last night I pulled it out again to have a poke. Short version, the IRQ jumper was wrong after a v1.7 update.
So now all the sessions boot! And all the DS commands work.
BUT.... the USB loader does not work.
'P' files are on the thumb drive. DS-L brings up the loader. Type in the file name (eg: ZXCHESS.P) and.... nothing. Usually a crash with lines down teh screen.
Now, the odd thing is that the USB loader comes up as version 0 in most sessions. Although Session 6 (or maybe 7?) comes up with a version number. (I'm typing this from work so dont have the specifics in front of me).
Is there a known "fix" for this issue?
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