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Re: QFrogger game

Post by yerzmyey »

Math123 wrote:Go on. Lets see more.


Considering the 1K Frogger, now I expect 1K DOOM. :)
Actually there are still 1K machines' users.
And it's not only me. ;)
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Re: QFrogger game

Post by thewiz »

Thanks Math123, every little bit helps.
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Re: QFrogger game

Post by Factor6 »

Superb game! Seriously, I think playable Doom won't fit into 1K, but something like 3D Monster Maze could.. In very very low-res.

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Re: QFrogger game

Post by Malcohol »

Firstly, great game and impressive coding!

BTW, if anyone tries dropping those bytes from the basic program, you need to adjust the target address. Thus, you should replace the 30 by 26, giving:

Code: Select all

AUTO    .DW 0                                   ; Line number (MSB)
        .DW USREND - USRBEG                     ; Line length
USRBEG  .DB $f5, $d4,                           ; PRINT USR
        .DB $1c                                 
        .db 126, 143, 1, 26, 0, 0               ; Always 16523
        .DB $76                                 ; EOL
This link describes how numbers are stored in basic programs:
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Re: QFrogger game

Post by patters »

I hope it's ok to re-upload this game because the links in the first post are all dead. It was found after I put the word out over at Spectrum Computing. For completeness, if anyone has the RAR archive containing the source code please do upload as well. Anyone know how attached files can just vanish from the forum?
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Re: QFrogger game

Post by patters »

thewiz has contacted me to provide the source code. Apparently he had a problem with being IP-listed as a spammer, so he couldn't upload himself. I've added it to the post above with the binary.
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